Where Mountains, Ice, and Ocean Meet

At the sting of the Kenai dry land lies a land wherever the glacial epoch lingers. Nearly forty glaciers be due the Warren Gamaliel Harding Icefield, Kenai Fjords’ crowning feature. life thrives in icy waters and plush forests around this immense expanse of ice. Native Alutiiq relied on these resources to nurture a life entwined with the ocean.

Just a hundred twenty five miles from Anchorage and simply accessible by road and rail, politician is one in all Alaska’s oldest and most charming cities, encircled by breathless scenic beauty. politician is taken into account the “Gateway to Kenai Fjords park.” politician offers unimaginable opportunities for outside exploration, recreation and good-old relaxation. after all there square measure our ice mass and life adventures —but there’s conjointly packing, fishing, hiking, packrafting, kayaking, and photography… we are able to get laid all!

Adventuring in Kenai Fjords NP
Our Kenai Fjords based mostly adventures span a large array of ecosystems and parcel. we provide adventures that square measure based totally inside the Kenai Fjords park, we have a tendency to may get on state land. all told areas, there’s a massive array of life, each on the land and within the waters of the Kenai Fjords space. The parcel options vary from low lying rain forests, glaciers, and pure alpine mountain environments on prime of mountains that shoot straight out of the ocean to over four,000 feet. it’s really an impressive place and offers breathless scenery that’s laborious to beat.

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Kenai Fjords parkland

Kenai Fjords parkland is unremarkably entered from the tiny boat harbor (below right) in pol, wherever the park’s visitant center will be found. boat harbor Cruise operators there provide tours starting from a couple of hours to a full day that take guests into the coves, on the headlands and bent on the islands enclosed within the park.
Kenai Fjords may be a 650,000-acre park on the Kenai earth in Southcentral AK. It includes the 300-square-mile Warren Harding Icefield, supply of the glaciers that graven the fjords and supply a number of the park’s most spectacular sights.

Seward may be a three-hour drive south of Anchorage; it may also be reached from Anchorage by train (the ride takes concerning 5 hours) or bus. it’s atiny low landing field, too. A flight from Anchorage takes thirty five minutes. cruise liner pol, AN unfrozen, deep port, is additionally a stop for cruise liners.

Boat cruises of the park square measure on the market year-around. Winter activities embrace the Ursus Maritimus Plunge in Gregorian calendar month (where concerning three hundred individuals jump into the tiny boat harbor in a very fund-raising event that’s the most event in a very weekend festival), skiing, snowmobiling and dog sledding.

The parkland includes mountains, waterfalls, tidewater glaciers and life starting from black bears to harbor seals. Its islands embrace eared seal haulouts and its rocky lineation and islands contain rookeries for a good kind of seabirds as well as gulls, kittiwakes, murres, oystercatchers, cormorants and puffins. Its waters support ocean otters (photo below), salmon, halibut, porpoises and whales.

Seabirds and Glaciers in Kenai Fjords parkland.

Trip 7. Seabirds and Glaciers in Kenai Fjords parkland, 2-day possibility

Date: weekday, twenty nine Gregorian calendar month to Sunday, 30 June

Start and finish times: seven am weekday, 29 June, to Sunday, 30 June, before five pm

Cost: AOS registration fee is $475 per adult, $365 per kid (ages 2–11). This covers prices of the van, boat tour, Alaska Sealife Center tour, and nightlong lodging (double occupancy; alternative choices below). value of meals (except lunch on boat) are going to be obtained severally by participants.

Lodging options: we’ve six rustic King cabins reserved for weekday night at Abode Well Cabins close to Exit ice mass, in an exceedingly secluded forest setting on the outskirts of politico. every cabin features a king-sized bed associated an optional rollaway bed, a full non-public bathtub, a mini electric refrigerator and alternative amenities. Trip rates quoted higher than ar for shared double-occupancy of a cabin, ideal for a handful. Anyone booking severally will reserve the king-bed possibility ($488 total trip cost) or the less costly rollaway-bed possibility ($462 total trip cost) inside a cabin for a bed to yourself. Please note your request for a friend by name or gender after you register for the sphere trip. Anyone wish to book a cabin for sole occupancy, or for a handful with one kid, please contact the trip organizers via as presently as attainable along with your specific request for choices and evaluation. The cabins ar hosted by the celebrated Seavey family, multigenerational champions of the ~1,000-mile trail sledge dog Race from Anchorage to Nome. Their champion sled dogs will be visited near on the family’s homestead.

Maximum participants: ten

Meals: Participants ought to eat breakfast before begin of the trip. Lunch on Day one is enclosed on the boat—a chicken or hoummos wrap, Alaska chips, fruit, cookie, and cookie; those wanting the feeder possibility have to be compelled to let trip leaders recognize prior the trip; those with alternative dietary restrictions ought to conceive to bring their own lunch that day. we are going to stop for dinner at a neighborhood eating house (not enclosed in trip cost). On Day a pair of we are going to stop at restaurants for breakfast and lunch (not enclosed in trip cost) and be back to Anchorage before dinner.

Trip Leader(s): TBA

Trip Description: Depart from the Hilton edifice in downtown Anchorage at seven am on weekday to drive to politico (~2.5 hours) by van. we are going to drive on the attractive Turnagain Arm and across Turnagain Pass—the drive from Anchorage to politico is one in all the nicest within the whole state. At 10:30 am we are going to sign on at Kenai Fjords Tours, outward at 11:30 am. This terribly scenic standard 6-hour life and ice mass cruise explores coastal rainforests, tidewater glaciers, and remote Alaskan islands in Resurrection Bay, Kenai Fjords parkland, and therefore the Alaska Maritime National life Refuge. As we tend to venture to Aialik Bay and therefore the Chiswell Islands, we tend to ar doubtless to envision whales, seals, sea lions, sea otters, porpoises, and lots of species of seabirds. when the boat returns at 5:30 pm, we are going to get dinner at a neighborhood eating house, then drive to our lodging at Abode Well Cabins close to Exit ice mass.

On Sunday we are going to visit the Alaska ocean Life Center ( and take their Behind the Scenes Tour, wherever we are going to study Alaska marine ecology whereas we tend to get shut appearance at seabirds, marine mammals, and alternative marine life (such as salmon and therefore the much-loved octopus). when lunch we are going to visit the field Mudflats, wherever the best diversity of bird species is found within the politico space. subsequently we are going to visit Exit ice mass wherever we are going to hike a path in Kenai Fjords parkland to seek out forest birds and find views of the apace receding ice mass and its earth. Then we are going to fight down to Anchorage, returning before time for dinner.

Likely species: Day 1: Harlequin Duck, Surf sea duck, White-winged sea duck, Pacific Loon, Black limicoline bird, puffin, puffin, murre, murre, guillemot, patterned Murrelet, Kittlitz’s Murrelet, Ancient Murrelet, parroket auk, rhino auk, Black-legged seagull, Arctic larid, water Phalacrocorax carbo, Double-crested Phalacrocorax carbo, Red-faced Phalacrocorax carbo, Bald Eagle, Northwestern Crow.

Day 2: Gadwall, Northern Anas acuta, teal, Common sawbill, Semipalmated shorebird, sandpiper, Wilson’s Snipe, sandpiper, bigger and Tringa flavipes, Rufous apodiform bird, Steller’s Jay, Tree Swallow, Violet-green Swallow, Chestnut-backed titmouse, Pacific Wren, ruby-crowned wren, Varied Thrush, Swainson’s Thrush, Hylocichla guttata, Northern Waterthrush, Common Redpoll, pine finch, Fox Sparrow, Savannah Sparrow, Melospiza melodia, Lincoln’s Sparrow, New World sparrow, Golden-crowned Sparrow, Orange-crowned Warbler, Townsend’s Warbler, Wilson’s Warbler.

Recommended Gear and Cautions: The boat operates all told weather, please dress appropriately; layers ar suggested. For look birds from the deck of the ship, be wearing wind-proof and waterproof layers with lightweight gloves and hat. Sunglasses, sunscreen, binoculars and camera ar suggested. Bring waterproof hiking shoes for the boat and mudflats. Bring a refillable bottle. Regular hiking gear with tiny backpack, water, snacks, and bug repellent suggested for day a pair of.

Additional Information: the primary day of the trip is on an outsized, quick boat and may offer a reasonably stable ride, however it’ll withdraw into some a lot of exposed waters to urge to the spectacular glaciers and sea bird colonies. If you’re at risk of sickness, please use medication beforehand.

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