There extraordinarily isn’t academic degree off-season for heading up to Maroon Bells, shortly from poplar, Colorado. this will be a locality that welcomes hikers in summer, spring or fall – it’s engulfed winter.

The landscape here is dominated by the two “bell” mountains, that have a fine trying ruby hue to them once the sun is shining, thence the name Maroon Bells. They’re composed of mudstone, in distinction to the rest of the range around here, that ar commonly composed of more durable granite.

Scenic beauty is what attracts hikers here, in conjunction with several life. Marmots ar very plentiful here, some hanging out shortly from the methods, requesting photos. there is an active beaver hut shortly on the foremost path, and much of birdlife and totally different life is seen at intervals the forests here.

Once given the nickname “Deadly Bells”, the realm has gained a reputation for its dangerous, unpredictable rock slides. That mudstone is not nearly as stable joined might assume, so rock-climbing here is a further challenge, luring in people from around Colorado and on the so much facet. But, be careful these unstable peaks have taken their tool, with many climbers being killed here over the years!

Indeed, it’s safest to remain to the hiking trails here, and there ar lots to decide on from with over 100 miles total. the methods at Maroon Bells criss-cross through forests and zig-zag over mountain peaks. a whole of nine mountain passes with elevations on high of twelve,000ft ar engulfed on the plentiful hiking trails.

The a lot of you push into the meadow fields, valleys and mountain passes, the plenty of probably you are to encounter deer and Alces alces that in addition call this space|geographic space|geographical region|geographic region} area home. likelihood is that you’ll in addition encounter many alternative hikers and out of doors adventurers on the means that. this will be a popular park, with a usually packed access purpose. From poplar Heights, buses run up to the park, to help alleviate the congestion.

Perhaps the only time to travel to if you’re attempting to hike around with none crowds is correct once the park opens, typically in amount of your time, or just before it closes in New Style calendar month. Once the may vacation weekend hits, it alone gets busier with each passing weekend.

While the park is technically engulfed winter, it’s accomplishable to hike in on your own or take a snowmobile / athletics trip into the park with native operators.

Depending on weather and your interests, the maroon Lake path may be a straightforward 1-mile hike with nice photography and life recognizing opportunities. It meanders on the lake and stays pretty flat. plenty of of a family stroll form of hike, a good chance if you’re interested in having a picnic or ar short on time.

If you want a plenty of incautious path, then head towards the mountains at the Deadly Bells stall and take the 3.6mile Crater Lake path. Expect steep path conditions, passing by rockslides and uneven tract. The challenge and views ar positively well worth the more effort though, with Crater Lake lying on high of 10,000ft. Considering that the path head here is at 9,500ft, it isn’t lots of elevation gain, but what you’d wish to take care of is that the altitude unremarkably.

It is terribly cool, even in summer, up at Crater Lake, thus be ready. this can be pure Colorado geographical area, with no services out there apart from some bogs at the car parking zone space before reaching Maroon Lake.

If this isn’t enough of a trek for you, the even harder vi.5mile hike to Willow Lake can take you up and over a pass, with many rough, steep tract.

There you’ve got it, a trio of trails to settle on from looking on your preferences. Or hike all of them and pay a number of days during this nice space of Colorado!


The Maroon Bells ar 2 fourteeners situated in Colorado’s moose Mountains. the 2 peaks, Maroon Peak and North Maroon Peak, ar the twenty seventh and fiftieth highest peaks in Colorado severally. the realm they’re close in, Maroon Creek natural depression, is taken into account to be the “most photographed spot in Colorado.”

Parking and public transportation
Shuttle buses is accessed at poplar tree Highlands, 2 miles from the mountains. Free parking is accessible. Bus tickets ar $6 with departures each [*fr1] hour.

Buses can even be accessed from the Rubey Park Transportation Center in downtown poplar tree. This bus is free and departs each twenty minutes beginning on the hour. Accessibility by automobile is restricted.

Best and worst time to travel The Maroon Bells
Maroon Creek road is enclosed the winter and therefore the solely thanks to access the realm is with race skis or snowmobile. If these activities tickle your fancy, this might either be thought of a decent or unhealthy factor. Contact the USA Forest Service at (970) 925-3445 for a lot of info relating to road closures.

If you selected to not acquire a shuttle into the realm, be ready to pay a $10 per vehicle fee. There are not any different admission fees associated.

Must see/do at The Maroon Bells
Hike the Maroon Lake Scenic path that includes waterfalls, crystal clear lakes and breath taking views of the Maroon Bell peaks. The trip lasts around two hours and quarter-hour trip.

Other places to go to close to The Maroon Bells
Glenwood Springs, once named the “Most Fun city in America” is just one hour from Maroon Bells. the recent springs, situated within the center of city, is taken into account the world’s largest.

Insider tip for guests to The Maroon Bells
If you wish to summit all the thanks to the highest of 1 of those “fourteeners,” begin early, pack variant water and do not be afraid if you expertise a gentle case of hypoxia — particularly if you’ve got not hiked in Colorado before.

Author’s bio: Andy Thomas could be a Colorado native. he’s a journalist and moving musician. He has presumably slept on a floor in your town.

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