Tunnels Beach

Tunnels Beach may be a skin-dive and skin diving paradise found on the gorgeous island of Kauai, Hawaii. Not solely is it home to a reef therefore huge that it will be seen from area, it conjointly harbors a series of pristine underwater tunnels. These tunnels, created by volcanic rock tubes thousands of years past, square measure a haven for skittle-colored fish of each form and size. If you wish a clear stage from swimming the crystal-clear caverns, you’ll be able to take a walk on the golden lunate bay lined by palms and ironwood trees — all backed by the spectacular lush-green, rugged jungle peaks rising up behind them. Don’t miss the gorgeous sunset from the North Shore, either — it would simply be the most effective you’ve ever seen.

Getting There:

Tunnels Beach is found on the north shore of the Hawaiian island of Kauai. Travelers will access a mess of flight choices into Hawaii from airports across the world. Fly from North America’s well-liked destinations as well as Vancouver, Toronto, New York, metropolis or la to Hawaii. you’ll be able to fly with yankee Airlines and U.S. airways or Delta Airlines to the present destination. U.S. voters will fly from TX, Atlanta, urban center or Miami operated by United Airlines, yankee Airlines and Air Canada. the most international entry to the island is Lihue field. From Lihue to Tunnels, you’ll be able to access transport or rental cars to create a sleek and fast one hour journey. There’s a road that leads there going east from Hanalei towards Ha’ena that permits direct access to the island of your dreams.

Snorkeling and Aqua-Lung on Kauai
As wonderful as this island is toward land, you’ll discover even a lot of unimaginable sights within the waters of Kauai. whereas flourishing gardens and rainforests get most of the eye on Kauai, the island offers a good vary of skin-dive and Aqua-Lung spots to explore below the ocean.

On the North Shore, fantastic bounds skin-dive beaches embody the reefs off Kee Beach and Haena Beach Park. Anini Beach offers a laguna nice for starting snorkelers. Makua, or “Tunnels,” Beach in Haena conjointly features a wide reef space that’s a treat to the senses.

On the side, Lydgate Beach Park offers a protected skin-dive laguna nice for keiki (children) snorkelers.

On the South Shore, Poipu Beach State Park offers protected areas for snorkelers. make certain to see ocean conditions and currents before going out, particularly throughout the large north shore swells of the winter.

Kauai conjointly offers a range of Aqua-Lung sites for beginners and seasoned diverse. Dive tours provide lots of tropical fish, reef creatures, dolphins and honu (Hawaiian inexperienced ocean Turtles) to find. seasoned diverse can usually realize a lot of thrilling spots on the east and west shores, as well as cave exploration and volcanic rock tubes.
Those unaccustomed Aqua-Lung ought to begin on the north or south shores (Hanalei, Kee Beach, or Poipu Beach).

You can rent all the mandatory gear and instrumentation on Kauai, yet as get your certification on the island, however bring your medical work with you if you decide on to induce certified. Also, detain mind that if you drive to Waimea canon or Kokee State Park, or need to require a chopper excursion, you wish to attend 24-hours because of altitude amendment.

North Shore to South Shore, Kauai Offers Spectacular Beaches

As the oldest of the most archipelago, Kauai has had the foremost time for the wind and weather to carve away at the volcanic volcanic rock rock that fashioned Hawaii and make lovely golden sand beaches. Whenever visiting a beach in Hawaii ensure to follow all Kauai Ocean Safety Tips.

Keʻe Beach – Few beaches have such a lush and tropical setting as Keʻe Beach with clear blue water set to a lower place majestic cliffs at the sting of the known atomic number 11 Prakrit Coast. this is often an excellent place for skin-dive throughout the summer months. Winter will bring robust currents, waves and alternative dangers therefore ensure to see with lifeguards. this is often conjointly the location of the atomic number 11 Prakrit rootage therefore you’ll be able to fancy each day hike to Hanakapiai vale then come back for a swim at Keʻe Beach.

Mahaulepu Beach – The Mahaulepu Heritage path follows on the southern outline to achieve this remote beach in a locality vital in Hawaiian history and culture. Scientific add the world is in progress and continues to reveal clues regarding Hawaii’s past. A treasure treasure of data has come back from the excavation sedimentary rock sinkholes among the cliffs and sand dunes. The path to the beach is one in all Hawaii’s nicest coastal hikes, and also the Mahaulepu Beach is nice too!

Tunnels (Makua) associated Haena Beach Park – Protected by an offshore reef with plentiful fish and pristine water, Tunnels is ready to a lower place a backcloth of inexperienced mountains generally lined with waterfalls. Tunnels, apprehend conjointly by its Hawaii name Makua, may be a nice skin-dive beach once the ocean conditions square measure calm, significantly throughout the summer months.

The scenery and clear turquoise waters build this one in all Hawaii’s finest beaches. simply down from Tunnels is Haena Beach Park wherever you’ll be able to usually realize a food truck to induce some snacks, or a calming coconut which will be opened on the spot to quench your thirst!

Polihale Beach – At the top of the sealed road on Kauai’s southwest shore may be a dirt road that leads miles farther west to the remote and pristine Polihale Beach. best-known for its deep and wide stretch of sand that goes on and on for several miles, Polihale may be a favorite campground.

The currents will be deceptive here and swimmers have to be compelled to use caution. At the south finish of Polihale square measure the 60-foot-high sand dunes of Barking Sands. there’s no tender at Polihale therefore ensure to see ocean advisories, once unsure don’t depart. it’s counseled that you {simply|that you just} fancy this beach simply for its remote beauty and luxuriate in ocean activities at a lifeguarded beach.

Poipu Beach Park – one in all the foremost well-liked side beaches, Poipu Beach offers protected square measureas that are nice for little youngsters creating this a pleasant family beach. there’s conjointly some nice skin-dive and sometimes waves that square measure fun for bodyboarders and surfers.

The rare Hawaiian monk seals have conjointly been best-known to go to Poipu Beach, truckage up onto the sand to rest. this is often conjointly an honest beach for tidepool exploring with offshore reefs that give environs for a few exceptional fish. close to Poipu Beach square measure all the amenities of Poipu country.

Kalapaki Beach – Fronted by the Kauai Marriott Resort, Kalapaki is one in all the east side’s hottest beaches. A crescent of golden sand lines the shore of the well-manicured lawns of the resort. The length of the beach is just regarding common fraction of a mile however this is often a case of quality over amount.

The waters square measure comparatively well shielded from the open ocean by a groyne, creating this an excellent place to require a aquatics or get on my feet paddleboarding lesson, with vendors right onshore. conjointly offered square measure canoe rides!

Anini Beach – Protected areas build this an excellent swimming and skin-dive beach with a crystal blue laguna fashioned by the fringing reef offshore and a bounds of golden sand that stretches on for miles. fancy a leisurely beach walk and keep a watch out for cowries and alternative seashells usually found here, as well as the rare Niihau shells!

Hanalei Bay – an outsized, lunate bay comparatively well-protected from the open ocean, Hanalei may be a favorite space for watersports activities as well as kayaking, body boarding, surfing, skin-dive and get on my feet paddling yet as sailing adventures and boat tours.

Paddle a kayak up the indirect Hanalei stream all the thanks to the Hanalei Bridge then float go into reverse amidst the grand scenery. Hanalei Bay may be a great spot for a aquatics or get on my feet lesson, or take a walk on the crescent bounds and stroll bent the top of Hanalei Pier to require it tired.

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